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Dear Huon Valley Parents and Carer,

Over the last few months, we published numerous videos on our Facebook page and this website to provide you with information and knowledge about the options for your children after Year 10.

We would like to learn from you and get your feedback. Please use the following link to complete the online survey. Thanks :)

Select options after Yr10

Select options after Yr10

Select options after Yr10

Select options after Yr10

Things have changed a bit since you were at school...


As of 2020 kids need to stay in education and training until they finish year 12 or achieve a Certificate lll, or they turn 18 (unless they receive an exemption).​

It can be daunting for parents and carers as to where to start when trying to help your kids decide upon a pathway to achieving their future career aspirations. And that is especially true here in the Huon Valley as there are a number of options to choose from.

Parents Matter is a voluntary grass-roots community led program supported by the University of Tasmania and facilitated by
the Huon Valley Council.


As parents our aim is to connect with other parents and carers, offering helpful information about educational and career options available to their children after finishing grade 10.

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